Know About The Power Ups Of Homescapes


Homescapes is a level based match-3 game which has become the first preference of game lovers. In this game, the players can earn stars by completing one stage and it will also help in unlocking next level. We can rebuild the house ad also design it by clearing several stages and obstacles. For playing better, players can choose the option of Homescapes cheats. Apart from this, we can create some power ups by matching four or more tiles. Here is the description of some power ups –

Rainbow ball

In order to get a rainbow ball, players just need to match five tiles in column or row. When you have this power up then it will clear all the tiles from the board that have the same color. It is the most useful power up as it has the ability to remove a number of tiles at once. In case, player has the task of gathering many titles of single color then rainbow ball will prove the best option.


Bomb is a powerful power up as it can destroy everything which is present in the two-square radius. Players can get bomb by simply matching five tiles in the shape of L. however, if the bomb is in the edge of board, then it will not offer the great outcomes. In contrast, Homescapes cheats is a good method for the players to improve the overall performance.

Paper plane

We can get a paper plane by matching four tiles in a square. By using it, we can remove four tiles easily. The best part about this is that it can be reached to any tile. Players think that it is a less useful power up in the beginning, but it will help a lot in completing goals. This power up can be utilized in a smart way so you should be careful while using it. Always think properly for taking best advantage of paper plane.



Play Marvel Strike Force game to double your fun and excitement

Play Marvel Strike Force game to double your fun and excitement

Marvel Strike Force is a newly launched game for the mobile game users, which is developed by ‘fox next.’ It can be easily played on your IOS as well as on your android platforms. The game is greatly liked by the people because of its exciting versions and background set up.

Game currency: an essential element in gaming

It is essential to obtain the game currency; the currency involves gold, power codes, materials, character orbs, shards, character energy, and many more. This helps you to fight against your opponent, and this can be easily achievable if you make a good performance in your game. Currency is valuable if you are not able to get them from the winning amount then purchase this currency from the in-app purchases. It is the right source to obtain a lot of currency, the other way to this currency is done by Marvel Strike Force Hack.

How to download a particular game?

While downloading marvel strike force hack, the thing that one should keep in its mind is that sometimes file may get outdated when you updated the entire game. So it is very crucial to update all the essential files before updating. The game is quite loveable to the user as if you play with dedication; then you will be able to achieve many rewards and points and also the crucial part of gaming that is a currency.

Stunning graphics

It is best to experience the gameplay in an efficient manner as you had the chance to control your heroes in a way you want to control them. The game has stunning visuals and graphics; you can take the experience of it by playing regularly. The characters are really fantastic as it seems that if you are playing in real life. It is very simple and easy for the user to play either on their tablet or on your smartphone.






2 best techniques to know how to play Marvel Strike Force game


Marvel Strike Force game is developed and published by ‘Fox next.’ The genre of the game is based on the role-playing mode. The soundtrack of the game is commendable, and the graphics are very best as it seems that if you enter in the world of heaven. Follow some tips to earn more currencies in the game as this will help you a lot in further level, use Marvel Strike Force Hack for gaining infinite currencies.

    Perform a perfect task to earn more currency

In the game, you had to perform the task of campaign mission, raids, and events for rewards, gold, arena, blitz, and free power cores, and so on. You had to level up with all the characters and the heroes up to seven stars. Also, one had to achieve premium orbs, power cores, and also generate more power for your characters. As if you are successful in obtaining the power energy, then you can play for 24 hours, but you did not have to recharge it again and again and in this way you play according to your wish.

    Implement the right strategy for the game

In a particular game, you can perform specific supervillains and superheroes to defend their enemies. In the game, each player got five battles opposite to their opponent, in this way you get the power to vanquish your opponent. It depends on the player how smoothly plays all its task and also in the appropriate way. If you do so, then only you are capable of moving on the next level of your game. Also, remember this that you get three challenges in a day and on completing those challenges in a day itself, you get the chance to move on another level. Also, if you complete these challenges in a day, you get some bonus points and currency which you can use for your game. Whenever you want to use that currency, you can use them, and also you need to focus on gaining more and more currencies.